Words of welcome

Miljenko Smokvina, President of the Conference Organizing Committee

Welcome to Rijeka to the 7th International Conference on Industrial Heritage. This conference topic will be dedicated to the 150 years of invention of "Luppis-Whitehead" torpedo in Rijeka. In 2003, we started here in Rijeka, with heritage conference, which main topic was 150 years of first torpedo factory on the word, which started in Rijeka in 1853. as modern foundry and shipyard, in which in December 1866, have been tested the first world successful torpedo...read more

Velid Đekić, President of Pro Torpedo Rijeka

I believe that we share our joy in attending the seventh Conference of Industrial Heritage in Rijeka. It speaks convincingly about its good results so far, about the acceptance of Conference in the scientific community, as well as about its positive impression in the wider community of people who respect industrial heritage and culture in general. I also believe that we share our pleasure in the fact that the 2016 Conference is devoted to the invention of torpedo, which started the world journey from Rijeka and became established on the list of top engineering inventions of the mankind, inspiring the appearance of multiple technical solutions which have found their application not only in the military field, but also for the much more desirable peacetime purposes. Yesterday the torpedo, today the Internet...read more

Bernard Franković, president of the International Scientific Committee

In Rijeka next year is the celebration of the 150th year since the first successful launching of the torpedo, to be commemorated with the organizing of an international scientific and professional conference. At the time of the launching of the first torpedo it was a sophisticated battle system – an underwater missile and one of the greatest technical achievements of the second half of the nineteenth century...read more

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