Word of welcome - Miljenko Smokvina

Welcome to Rijeka to the 7th International Conference on Industrial Heritage. This conference topic will be dedicated to the 150 years of invention of the "Luppis-Whitehead" torpedo in Rijeka. In 2003, we started here in Rijeka, with heritage conference, which main topic was 150 years of the first torpedo factory in the world, which started in Rijeka in 1853. as a modern foundry and shipyard, in which in December 1866, has been tested the first world successful torpedo.

Robert Whitehead, technical director of the factory, who after two year of painstaking work and experiments, have succeeded in getting new underwater autonomous naval weapon, first "Fish Torpedo". The idea for this new weapon came from naval officer, G. B. Luppis, who came after his retirement in his native town, Rijeka, and who proposed to R. Whitehead to develop from his idea new technical device, the first torpedoes have been named "Luppis - Whitehead" torpedo, later just "Whitehead".

The new invention started the revolution in all world Naval policies and our Rijeka torpedo heritage conference, in May 2016. expect to put a light on all aspect of torpedo inventions. The histories of torpedoes, Rijeka "Whiteheads", and all other types and models of torpedoes, which have been invented and produced all around the world are the main topic of this conference.

We would be glad that Rijeka, while the three conference days, will be the center of the world for the best world experts in torpedo history, torpedo technology and its heritage. We expect that Rijeka will be a place to present and discus all related topic to torpedo heritage and all aspects of its technology, which is still important in out today life (as gyroscopes, servo systems, etc). This 150 anniversary is just an occasion to talk about all other torpedo inventors from all other countries around the world, about other types of torpedo technologies, propulsion, guidance systems, about torpedo R&D, about its influence on world Navies and so on.

Until now hundreds of world experts have presented here in Rijeka their Industrial heritage papers, we had lively discussions on our six conferences, we have published our conference Proceedings, and we will be very happy if can join us in our efforts to preserve torpedo heritage in Rijeka, Croatia, in your country, and all around the world.

We would like you to feel nice and comfortable in Rijeka, to establish here useful contacts with worldwide experts and professionals, to confirm existing friendships and make new ones.

Miljenko Smokvina
President of the Conference Organizing Committee

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