Word of welcome - Velid Đekić

Dear participants of the conference, dear friends,

I believe that we share our joy in attending the seventh Conference of Industrial Heritage in Rijeka. It speaks convincingly about its good results so far, about the acceptance of Conference in the scientific community, as well as about its positive impression in the wider community of people who respect industrial heritage and culture in general. I also believe that we share our pleasure in the fact that the 2016 Conference is devoted to the invention of torpedo, which started the world journey from Rijeka and became established on the list of top engineering inventions of the mankind, inspiring the appearance of multiple technical solutions which have found their application not only in the military field, but also for the much more desirable peacetime purposes. Yesterday the torpedo, today the Internet...

The Pro torpedo association might not be big according to its formal number of members nor its material resources, but it is deeply aware of the thought of the cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead: "Never doubt that a small group of courageous individuals can change the world, on the contrary, they are the only ones who can change it." Therefore you shouldn't be afraid of difficult tasks nor big challenges, if you believe that they are worth the effort. The area of research, promotion and preservation of industrial heritage is just like that – it has too often been endangered by the ignorance of its environment or the logic of socially irresponsible capital, so it requires individuals and groups who will spread the consciousness of the value of industrial heritage in the professionally responsible and enthusiastic way. In this respect, the past six conferences, organized by Pro torpedo in co-operation with the respectable city, county and state institutions, have proved that the efforts of their organizers have been heading in the right direction.

Let the seventh International conference in Rijeka be the place from which we will together undertake the tasks of saving the endangered industrial heritage, strengthened by the new understanding of that heritage and the new networking of its experts, whose active involvement in the preservation of industrial heritage can be crucial for it.

I wish you a successful participation in the conference and a pleasant stay in Rijeka!

Velid Đekić,
President of Pro Torpedo Rijeka

Pro Torpedo rampa