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150 Years of the Torpedo:
Its Story and Significance in Technological Development


Torpedo technology heritage as part of world industrial heritage and naval/marine heritage. Preserving the abandoned torpedo factory and torpedo launching and testing stations premises – new uses of these spaces. Possibilities of connecting torpedo heritage sites in Europe/World in its routes and networks. Torpedoes in museums and in other public or private collections. Relevance of preserving torpedo heritage as an important part of many different technological inventions.
(gyroscopes, servo systems, high pressure systems).

Scientific and technological basis of the torpedo – its origins and the various concepts. History of fixed mines/torpedoes versus mobile torpedoes. Towing torpedoes and spar torpedoes.

The Whitehead Fish-Torpedo and its development: facilities, manufacture, testing, quality-assurance, and industrial spin-offs. Export of Whitehead torpedo licence and right to its use worldwide. Development of the first original types of torpedoes in England, Germany and USA, Russia and in other naval states.

Inventors and their inventions of different types of torpedoes through time, such as; L. Scwartzkopff, I.F. Aleksandrovski, J. Ericsson, P. Cunnigham, F. Leawitt, W. E. Hall, C. Davis, R. Paulson, Sims-Edison, J. Howell, L.P. Brennan, J.L. Lay, C. Parson, and many others. Torpedo acceptance in world-wide Navies, in the Austro-Hungarian, German, French, English, Norwegian/Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Danish, Japanese, and all other main navies around the world.

Development of different torpedo systems. Propulsion systems, the compressed air and pneumatic engine, and high-pressure air chamber and its development. Development of the torpedo engine. Other propulsion systems (electric, rocket, chemical etc.) Development of torpedo propellers. Steering systems, for depth and azimuth. Development and use of servo systems in torpedoes. Explosive head, type of explosive used in torpedoes, evolution of fuses. Thermodynamics of torpedo propulsion, cold, hot and wet/steam torpedo propulsion. Torpedo hydrodynamics, evolution of the torpedo shape.

Development of supplementary systems related to the torpedo; surface launching tubes, underwater launching tubes. Development of high-pressure air compressors for torpedoes. Applications of torpedoes on different carriers; on a special type of torpedo boat, torpedoes on other types of war ships. Torpedoes on submarines, development of submarines concerning the use of torpedoes. Launching of torpedoes from airplanes. The sub-aquatic explosion.

Existence and accessibility of relevant historic sources in the National Archives and Collections around world, in the successor states of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, in the United Kingdom, Germany, the USA, and other countries.

Effects on Sea Warfare and Deterrence in Geopolitics: During the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries, Future Trends / Visions. Conflict with International Law?


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